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About Us

Our Company

Viveplants offers magnificent cut flowers of significant longevity and vigorous, healthy potted plants of the absolute highest quality.

A Mexican-based company, we are the nation´s leader in the growth, distribution, and sales of Dendrobium Orchids providing more than 50% of these sold in-country.

Our corporate offices and substantive base of operations are nestled in a rich and verdant valley just north of the highly popular port and resort city of Manzanillo in the State of Colima.

Among a delightful array of tropical plants, on our large multi-acre site, we grow a variety of stunningly beautiful Dendrobium, Oncidium, Vanda, Phalenopsis, Mokaras, and Ascocenda Orchids.

Successfully conducting a flourishing, thriving, country-wide enterprise since 2002, Viveplants continues to grow. In order to best facilitate expeditious, responsive service for its customers, regional sales offices have been strategically located in Mexico City, Monterrey and Manzanillo.

Employing both ground and air delivery, Viveplants began response to inquiries from Guatemala, the USA and Canada in 2013.

Our Roots

The impetus and creative force behind Viveplants is its Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner, Fidel Maza, who first conceived the idea while doing graduate work in Floriculture at the University of Chiba in Japan in 1991.

Following completion of these studies, over the next four years, he analyzed the efficiency and production practices - on-site - of orchid plantations in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Hawaii.

Upon conclusion of this wide ranging effort, he commenced adaptation of this analytical field research toward the feasibility of commercially producing world class orchids in Mexico.

The culmination of this exhausting preparatory work was the initiation of a novel and pioneering project. He and his partner Ignacio Cortés conducted this at an experimental plot on the coast of Chiapas in 1994-95 with orchid varieties imported from Thailand. From the outset the objective of this work was clear and focused - ascertaining the feasibility of producing such orchids commercially in Mexico.

Following this, Mr. Maza initiated and completed further studies in the Netherlands where, in 1999, he graduated with a Masters of Science degree in Horticulture from Wageningen University. Throughout this timeframe, the groundwork was being thoughtfully laid and preparatory actions taken for the creation of what he and his partners felt could, indeed, fast become “The Premier Provider of Orchids for the Americas”.

On August 13th, 2002 they saw the realization of their dream when Viveplants came into existence.

Our Customers

Suffice it to say, in our short, eight years of doing business, our commitment to the highest possible product quality, most expeditious delivery and overall personal responsiveness has been achieved and maintained. As a result of our excellent reputation, product requests have begun to be received from Europe, South America and from across the USA and Canada.

Our Commitment to Diversity

Be it cut or potted orchids, with each passing month, the range of selections, variety of hybrids, types of blossom shapes and assortment of subtle to vivid colors continues to expand.

Our Dedication to High Quality

The most magnificent, stunning and soul stirring of flowers in our gardens are worth nothing if not as completely lovely upon receipt by the ultimate customer – and more importantly, fresh for days and weeks later. That is why we, of Viveplants, have developed cutting edge technologies throughout our nurseries, efficient post-harvest handling procedures and highly responsive delivery modalities.

As regards these last two, we have carefully evaluated and learned from the past-masters of these areas, oriental horticulturists. As a result, we were able to incorporate their highly successful packaging techniques with ultra modern, proprietary materials so as to allow the best orchid packaging within the industry.

Thus, our promise to those with whom we deal - The best orchids possible, competitively priced and delivered as expedisiously as humanly possible . . .

" From Our Familiy to Yours ".